Manufactured Barnstone

Manufactured Barnstone add beauty and stability to almost any landscape. From retaining walls and borders to fire pits and stepping stones, Barnstone create a rustic appeal. There are 3 sizes available.

Sizes:                   Measurements:                                        Price:

Small              (16" x 7''x 7'' & approx. 45 lbs)               12.75 each

Medium        (20'' x 7'' x 7'' & approx. 65 lbs)             13.75 each

Large             (25'' x 7'' x 7'' & approx. 83 lbs)               16.75 each


 barnstone for landscaping

   These Barnstone are available at each of our three locations.

 stepping stones

Random Stones

These flat man-made stones can be used as stepping stones in your garden beds. They are versatile, tough, and can be incorporated into any landscape. 


9.75 each

 flat stones for a garden
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