Screened Topsoil....31.00 per yard        Leaf Mulch....23.00 per yard       Sweet Peet….38 per Yard

Mushroom Compost.....35.00 per yard     Kelly's Compost.....35.00 per yard

Some products are not available at certain locations. Call us to confirm availability.

The most important part of planting anything, be it grass, flowers or a garden, is quality topsoil. Take a step further and mix in compost to enhance your soil even more. At Woodland Mulch we put raw topsoil through a screening process to eliminate rocks, weeds and any unwanted debris. A small amount of sand (up to 10% of total soil make-up) is added to help retain moisture . All refined topsoil is stored under a building to ensure a dry product.

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At Woodland Mulch we have three composting options, Leaf mulch, Kelly's compost, and Mushroom compost. Compost is beneficial to the land in many ways. It is a soil conditioner,  acts as a natural pesticide, and it also helps prevent erosion.

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Composts can be used for a variety of planting purposes. Installing a new lawn? Spread a thin layer of leaf mulch on top of a seeded area. This has proven to speed up the growing process of your grass. When planting flowers, mix in mushroom compost with your soil to add nutrients. We recommend a 3/1 ratio. So for every yard of topsoil, add approximately 1/3 yd of compost.

The Leaf Mulch consists of leaves that are put through a grinding and screening process and then aged. Mixing this with topsoil makes a good combination for gardens and flower beds.

Mushroom Compost consists of straw, horse manure, hay, lime, and ground corn cobs. This mixture goes through an aging process which then is used to grow mushrooms. After harvest, 70% is removed and steam treated to rid of any live weed seeds or unwanted material. It is then transported to our location. Primary applications include garden soil enhancement and flower beds.

Kelly's Compost is a certified manure compost that is locally sourced. Our richest compost is the perfect choice for new flower beds or mixing with topsoil for gardening purposes. It contains cow manure and trace amounts of bedding material, i.e. pine shavings and/or straw.