Woodland Mulch Wooster Ohio

 Firewood Special!

$65 Off*

Order your Firewood and get $65 off each load. Whether you use wood to heat your home, or need some for a campfire, we got you covered. Listed below are our 2 types of Firewood as well as delivery options. Contact the branch nearest to you to schedule your delivery.


Hardwood Chunks

Hardwood Boards


Small Load


Reg. 220.00 per load, Sale N/A


Reg. 195.00 per load, Sale 130.00

1/2 Chunks - 1/2 Boards

Reg. 208.00 per load, Sale 143.00


Medium Load


Reg.250.00 per load, Sale N/A


Reg. 205.00 per load, Sale 140.00

1/2 Chunks - 1/2 Boards

Reg.228.00 per load, Sale 163.00


Large Load


Reg. 275.00 per load, Sale N/A          


Reg. 225.00 per load, Sale 160.00

1/2 Chunks - 1/2 Boards

Reg. 250.00 per load, Sale 185.00

* Excludes full loads of Chunks.


Firewood (Picked Up)

Firewood is also available for pick-up. It's sold by 1/2-yard scoops.

Chunks....................16.00 per scoop

Boards...(On Sale!)..12.00 per scoop