Woodland Mulch Wooster Ohio

 Firewood Special!

$65 Off*

Order your Firewood and get $65 off each load. Whether you use wood to heat your home, or need some for a campfire, we got you covered. Listed below are our 2 types of Firewood as well as delivery options. Contact the branch nearest to you to schedule your delivery.


Hardwood Chunks

Hardwood Boards


Small Load


Reg. 220.00 per load, Sale 155.00


Reg. 195.00 per load, Sale 130.00

1/2 Chunks - 1/2 Boards

Reg. 208.00 per load, Sale 143.00


Medium Load


Reg.250.00 per load, Sale 185.00


Reg. 205.00 per load, Sale 140.00

1/2 Chunks - 1/2 Boards

Reg.228.00 per load, Sale 163.00


Large Load


Reg. 275.00 per load, Sale 210.00          


Reg. 225.00 per load, Sale 160.00

1/2 Chunks - 1/2 Boards

Reg. 250.00 per load, Sale 185.00

Firewood (Picked Up)

Firewood is also available for pick-up. It's sold by 1/2-yard scoops.

Chunks....................16.00 per scoop

Boards...(On Sale!)..12.00 per scoop